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NAME:Shen Qinwen
ADD:Yue Ying RoadPaojiang
Industral Park Shaoxing Zhejiang
Core values

1. Our pursuit is to realize the dream of sprocket customers, with thanks and hard persistent to made us to be the top ones.

2. The greatest wealth of our company is conscientious and responsible and effective management. New knowledge and new personality, new personality, insist teamwork collective struggle and never yield to meritorious but backward staff, our cause is the inherent requirement of sustainable growth.

3. Broad absorption of the latest scientific research in this field, both at home and abroad,with an open mind to excellent corporate learning, independently and creatively to develop its own core technology and product line, using our superior technology and products to stand as one of the top sprocket manufactures around the world.

4. Love our motherland, love our people, love our life, love is the source of our cohesiveness. The spirit of entrepreneur, the spirit of innovation, professionalism, and the spirit of unity and cooperation, is the essence of our company culture. We will never let Lei Feng, Jiao Yulu who suffer, who sacrifice will certainly get a reasonable return.

5. We advocate that customers, employees, and partners formed in the interests of the Community, and tried to meet customer, employee, and partners satisfaction.

Social responsibility
6.Our mission is our industry services our country, through science and education. Contribute to the development of the company for our home town. For the great prosperity of the motherland, for the revitalization of the Chinese nation, for the well-being of ourselves and our families, we make unremitting efforts.

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